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What is a unit?

When you invest with UTOF, you will be issued with “units” for your subscription amount at the prevailing entry price.

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Who regulates UTOF?

UTOF is regulated by the Reserve Bank of Fiji.

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Who are the shareholders of UTOF Management Limited?

The shareholders in Unit Trust of Fiji (Management) Limited are Ministry of Public Enterprises and Ministry of Economy. UTOFML is a State-Owned Enterprise operated under Public Enterprises Act, Financial Management Act and Companies Act 2015.

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What is the difference between the Income Fund and the Income and Growth Fund?

The Income Fund only provides competitive tax-free dividend income to unit holders and the unit holders’ capital is preserved since the unit prices are fixed at a par value of $1.00 per unit (entry and exit). The Income & Growth Fund provides tax-free dividend income to unit holders and potential capital growth, which is directly dependent on the performance of the investment portfolio. The tax-free dividend is applicable to all UTOF investors (residents and non-residents). 

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What is Cash Management Fund?

The cash management holding fund is a non-interest bearing facility issued to the unitholders to manage transactions related to residual balance from unit sales, dividends, withdrawals.

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How long do I need to keep my investment in UTOF?

Investment with UTOF is considered an open-ended fund, meaning there is no restriction on the term either 3 or 5 or even more, it is important to ascertain during the registration process your objective and your investment preference either with Income Fund or Income & Growth Fund or both.


Hence there is no restrictions on the duration of your investment with UTOF

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What is the minimum investment required to open an account?

Income Fund 

  • Noqu Vanua Investment Scheme - 50 units 10 units (FJD $10)

  • Income Plus Plan– 50 units (FJD $50)

  • Farmers Investment Plan – 50 units (FJD $50)

  • Employee Investment Plan – Nil under EIS

  • Noqu Vanua Investment Scheme - 50 units (FJD $50)


Income & Growth Fund 

  • Fijian Investment Plan - 50 units

  • Global Investment Plan – 200 units

  • Employee Investment Plan – Nil under EIS

  • Noqu Vanua Investment Scheme - 50 units

  • Children Investment Plan - 50 units

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Who can invest? 

There is no restriction on the age of any investor. UTOF can accommodate any investor irrespective of age based on the investor’s investment objective.

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When does UTOF pay out dividends? 

Dividends are paid out twice in a year.

Interim dividend - i.e. from the months of January to June, the dividends are paid out on 15th July

Final dividend - i.e. from the months of July to December, the dividends are paid out on 15th January. 

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What are the benefits and risks of investing in Unit Trust of Fiji?

The benefits of investing with UTOF are: 

· Tax-free dividend

· Capital gain (applicable to IGF)

· Greater diversification (applicable to IGF)

· Professional management 

· Liquidity 

· Affordability

· Risk management


The risks of investing with UTOF are:

· Market risk

· Liquidity risk 

· Interest rate risk

· Foreign currency or foreign exchange risk 

· Concentration risk 

· Company or security risk 

· Withdrawal risk

Can I invest in UTOF on behalf of my children?

Yes. You can open a unit trust investment in a minor's name under our Children Investment Plan. As the parent or legal guardian, you will be required to sign all documentation until the minor reaches the age of 18 years

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