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UTOF initiated the Employee Investment Scheme “EIS” concept in 2015 to directly promote savings and investment to all working Fijians through a Memorandum of Agreement with the Employers. The execution of an agreement between the Employer and UTOF to enable employees to regularly invest their funds, through salary direct deduction arrangement.     Under the EIS agreement, the Employers will promote savings and investments to its employees by facilitating the salary deduction and remitting the funds to UTOF. UTOF will conduct the related training and investment awareness in consultation with the employer(s).The Employees therefore, will be able to:



  • Register for an investment account with no minimum opening balance (i.e. EIS investment account(s) will be activated immediately upon their first salary direct deduction);

  • Select any investment facility in accordance with your personal investment goals and there are no restrictions to the number of investment accounts they could have;

  • Grow their wealth by investing in excess of F$250 million diversified investment portfolio;

  • Earn competitive “tax-free” dividend income and realize potential capital growth (applicable to Income & Growth Fund); and



No transactional cost will be imposed to the employees opting to invest the funds through this scheme. Employees can invest with UTOF on voluntary basis and have direct access to personalized investment facilities.


The risks and benefits are outlined in UTOF’s Prospectus which is available on our website Call our Unit Trust Licensed Representative today on 3301052 or email for your personalized investment facility.

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