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UTOF Expands its Horizons with the Addition of Evergreen International Fiji to its Distinguished Portfolio.

We are pleased to welcome on board, the Evergreen International Fiji, we commonly known by their trading name, Wormald Fire & Security and Guardforce Fiji.

Last Friday, the company signed up with UTOF under our newest Employer Investment Scheme, which essentially means the Employer now has an opportunity to monetize its staff loyalty. The company has essentially taken a notch up from just awarding plaques and certificates but will now monetize its award to staff based on work anniversaries and or other special staff events.

The Employer, Wormald will set aside funds it will invest on a regular basis for its staff and in return UTOF will be providing competitive 6 monthly tax-free dividends. We will maintain and condition the investment accounts until such time, Wormald will advise to relinquish the funds to their loyal staff.

The company like many Employers have lost most of its employees who have left our shores for overseas work opportunities, mostly in Australia.

This collaboration with UTOF means a stronger retention strategy through returns that are driven by our $400 million plus investment portfolio.

The Employer Investment plan was initiated based on the need from Employers for a practical solution in monetizing staff loyalty. The facility is available to our 106 Employers already enlisted under our Employee Investment Scheme (EIS).

UTOF salutes Wormald and Management Team led by its General Manager Mr. Ravinesh Deo for being the first and a trailblazer in promoting practical solution to their company's staff loyalty program.

Congratulations and well done, Wormald!

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